COVID-19 Safety

The New Normal In

Studio Blush Guest Charter:

  1. All guests and employees are required to wear a mask. We can provide you one if needed. We will be charging a $2.00 Service Fee per ticket to cover the mask.
  2. We will greet you with a virtual hug and a smile. (Hugs and handshakes are on pause.)
  3. No one may enter our building with a temperature over 100 degrees. Please stay home if you are not well. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that is showing symptoms of a cold or flu. We will be checking temperatures at the door at check-in and pausing our 24-hour cancellation fee.
  4. We ask that if you or any family members have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive with COVID-19, please notify the studio before your appointment.
  5. We ask that if you or any of your family members have traveled outside of the U.S. within 14 days of your appointment, please notify the salon.
  6. Upon arrival to the salon, please call the front desk or check your phone for your curbside text that allows you to check in from the comfort of your car. We will send you a text to notify you when your service provider is ready before you enter the salon. We take extra time to sanitize our stations between every guest.
  7. We will not be offering beverages or magazines at this time.
  8. Please come alone. No additional guests or children at your appointment. No exceptions.
  9. You will be asked to wash your hands upon arrival.
  10. Please bring only small handbags that can fit on one of our purse hooks.
  11. Our stations are spaced 6 ft apart to maintain distance between guests. We ask that you try to remain in your assigned area.
  12. Our doors will remain locked during the day. The only guests allowed in will be those with appointments or parents of children under the age of 12. If you need to purchase retail and you do not have a reservation scheduled, we will make the appropriate arrangements for you to come pick your order up curbside.
  13. For those that are considered COVID-19 high risk, we have set aside special hours for you. Please be sure to discuss these times with your service provider or our guest care team.
  14. If you become ill within 14 days of your reservation with us, we ask that you notify Tara at Studio Blush immediately.
  15. Our front desk area will be almost completely touch-less. We ask that when you book your reservation that you place a credit card on file. We will no longer be accepting checks or cash. You may tip your service provider with cash you bring them from home or use Venmo or Zelle. We are unable to offer tipping on credit cards.
  16. We kindly ask that you allow our guest care team to shop the retail area for you.
  17. Our shampoo area will be a quiet zone. We ask that there be no talking while you are relaxing in this area. Your service provider will be wearing a face shield or safety glasses during your relaxation time.
  18. Any and all services that require masks to be taken of, are on pause. This includes beard trims, lip, and chin waxing.
  19. We will perform blowouts if you are comfortable with the service.
  20. We will be preforming lash lifts and extensions.

We appreciate you and your business—please help us keep the environment we share safe. If you see anything that makes you uncomfortable, help us by sharing.

You matter to us and we will do whatever we can to make this new normal work for all of us.